About Us

IOTfyNow is  an end to end IoT solutions provider with offices in Westford, Massachusetts and Ahmedabad, India.

We deliver comprehensive IoT solutions that includes, hardware, software, turnkey project implementation and operating services in all key areas of automation. Nearly 30 years of implementation experience, deep domain knowledge and joint innovation with large scale organizations gives us the competency to deliver the IoT outcomes. Our industry leading solutions and technology services has enabled multiple startups and enterprises to stay focused on their core business ,while our solutions improve their business and industrial productivity and taking them closer to 0 Unplanned downtime.

We are also committed to the cause of enhancing the quality of education to enable “Engineers Of The Future”. We offer a wide range of computer-based training simulators that provide near-real life experience to the students and equip them to face the challenges of real-world production scenarios.

Why Choose Us

Our industry leading solutions are based on proven engineering architecture and design principals. They are designed through a combination of your requirements and the 30 years of experience in Industrial automation. We have a pool of highly skilled engineers with excellent technical knowledge and the experience to deliver end to end industry solutions using the latest software standards.

If you’re looking to optimize your production processes, IOTfyNow ™offers the most robust automation solution in the marketplace today. We stand by our products and solutions and assure you of the business outcomes you are looking for.  

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Our Values

  • Authenticity
  • People Centricity
  • Customer Focus
  • Complete Ownership
  • Continuous Improvements

"IoT can unleash the next era of growth and innovation, creating value for customers & society. The possibilities include greater efficiency, less energy consumption and shorter travel times."

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  • 319 Littleton Road #200, Westford, MA 01886
  • contact@iotfynow.com
  • (781) 512-6210

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