Agriculture & Farming Industry

Agriculture has evolved around the world with the advent of emerging technologies and digital evolutions, leveraging the power of IoT, Big Data, Machine Learning and AI. However the question still remains on how to create infrastructures and ecosystems that can utilize the potential of digital data to address the grand challenges of sustainable food production?

We at IoTfyNow have been continuously working towards creating an impactful data driven Supply Chain ecosystem with effective:

  • Smart Farming ways through establishing Tracking & Tracing minutely at every process
  • Extend it over to Smart Logistics
  • Mapping Data to Consumer Trends and Demands
  • Personalised Animal and Crop Health Measures & much more

We do this by Leveraging Smart Sensing & Monitoring, Smart Data Analysis and Planning schedules, and thereby effectively establishing Smart Controls by leveraging Digital Transformation with Data Driven and Internet Based Open Source Technologies.

What is needed is to have a multidisciplinary, collaborative, and agile approach to create:

  • Data Infrastructure & Analytics Ecosystem
  • New Business models
  • Effective Governance and Ethics

We can help build your path, connect with us today to give a new perspective to how you see your Agriculture business.


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