IoT Consulting

We define ourselves as an end to end IoT Solutions Development company, providing end to end solutions creating a marriage between IT and OT through a comprehensive duel of Hardware and Software integrated approach. We set forth with Goals and

IoT Data Advisory

Data Sourcing in real time is an important facet in today’s business environment. We live in an era of inter operable systems creating a merger between Humans and Machines. As we derive new economies and business definitions, the epitome of

Hardware Design & Consulting

Having spent more than three decades into hardware designing and embedded automation systems, IoTfyNow provides quick time to market prototyping and creates a rapid turnaround into production ready systems. With a wide range of experience of having worked on hardware

Mobility & Application Development

As a part of creating Smart and Agile IoT based Applications we have created a number of applications as a part of Manufacturing, Energy & Utilities and other industries We are adept at creating: Smart Devices Integrated Mobile Apps Embedded

Cloud Readiness

Some artifacts about the Data ecosystem of today, revolves around a few touch points. Firstly the volumes as well as the variety of Data will only increase with time. Thereby, the volumes and variety of Data Models would also increase.

Data Science “Proof of Concept” ideations

What we know from the Data, does not mean we know everything about the Data. It is always interesting to have a Third Eye view to see how industries are currently consuming the data, how are they generating the data,

Data Curation Services

The thing that we have noticed about enterprises of today, is that they know they have oceans of Data available, they think they know what its telling them, but then it still does not give the yieldings that they anticipate.

Big Data Profiling & Data Lake Creation

Before we get to analysing Big Data, we need to define processes and mechanism to sort the data, manage the data and render it well, to get actionable outcomes from the Big Data sourcing. Ideal starting point happens to be

New Algorithm Development

At IoTfyNow our team of Statisticians, Research and Innovation Heads, Data Scientists and PhD consultants, ensure that we run continuous innovation programs to come up with Algorithm development from the scratch. Our Algorithm development cycle includes: New Data Gathering Data

Healthcare Industry

The complications of Data and also the amount of new data being generated in healthcare sector by means of smart devices, wearables etc., are humongous. In order apply artificial intelligence (AI) to ensure seamless data generation, data collection and data

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