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The advent of Internet Based Cars, has opened up a whole new dimension into the world of Automotive, in the world that we live in. Most vehicles come prepped with on vehicle telemetry devices giving data across various diagnostics of the car, for example: Fuel Consumption, Milage, Engine Health, Brakes Wear and Tear, etc.

But even now there is a huge gap in the industry when it comes to digitising the older vehicle models. Is it possible to digitise an old model ?

With the modern day engineering and our team within IoTfyNow we can design edge devices that connect to the OBD ports / IO Ports of a vehicle and start data generation related to Odometer, Trip Details, etc.

Additionally we can use data coming out of the internet based cars, and use it to build conditional monitoring applications to prevent and predict vehicle failures.

We also have experience on working with Autonomous Vehicle Data, identifying patterns and enabling a driver less car to self evaluate its own machine performance based on Machine Learning and AI techniques.

We would like to hear and know:

  • How are you using your available data ?
  • Do you have all the data that you need ?
  • How are you co-linking data with Customer Experience ?
  • How are you leveraging Data for After Sales Services ? 

These are intrinsic areas of our focus in the Automotive industry and we have developed scalable AI and Edge based pilots, trying to find answers to some of the above data touch points.

Connect with us today and we would be happy to present our perspective of your DATA.

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