Big Data Profiling & Data Lake Creation

Before we get to analysing Big Data, we need to define processes and mechanism to sort the data, manage the data and render it well, to get actionable outcomes from the Big Data sourcing.

Ideal starting point happens to be with doing Data Discovery to begin with and identify the sources, accordingly drive a data profiling to define data inventories and pass it on to process the inventories in order to get the initial insights and derive capabilities from it.

As a part of Data Profiling abilities, we look to process out the above steps meticulously and drive them towards a continuous and an automated mechanism to provide proactive data monitoring, create operational data dashboards with a detailed data analysis to derive business value out of your data.

Our data methods include defining Business Glossary Creation, Data Classifications, Identifying patterns and creating Data Relationships. Then classifying the Reference Data, Incorporate business rules, apply governances and policies, and finally arrive at defining the Key Performance Indicators

We have teams adept on cloud platforms such as AWS and Microsoft Azure to define scalable data lakes on the cloud, creating private, public or even hybrid infrastructures and establishing interoperability at various levels – Data Level, Application Level, Asset Level and other levels

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