Consumer Industry

Consumer Industry is a wide array of possibilities in terms of Data and Automation. Particularly we look at the Smart Home Automation possibilities.

The advent of Smart Agents like Alexa and Google Assistant, has brought in a series of possibilities in terms of IO connectivity.

IoTfyNow has been working on Home Automation solutions that can be effective in terms of establishing:

  • Smart Lighting Solutions
  • Energy Efficiency Monitoring
  • Energy Spike Monitoring
  • Short Circuit Prevention
  • Remote Appliances Control
  • Voice Enabled IO Exchanges & Many more

We have been working on a number of Smart Home Automation projects and have
deployed our flagship product LightingGale that effectively controls the home lighting
systems on a number of parameters such as

  • Metering & Monitoring
  • Auto Dimming
  • Fault Monitoring
  • Photocell
  • Sensor Integration and many more

We are an OEM when it comes to Design, Development and Prototyping of Embedded systems, integrated with Software and Mobility, to come up with rapid product launches and enable you to Go to Market faster, through our domain knowledge and expertise of over 30 years. Connect with us to discuss about possibilities in the Home Automation scenarios developed on IoT/Edge and AI automation abilities.

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