Data Curation Services

The thing that we have noticed about enterprises of today, is that they know they have oceans of Data available, they think they know what its telling them, but then it still does not give the yieldings that they anticipate. Are you one of those who face the same problem with Data ? We can help in creating processes, to ensure, we look at data from a Granular level. The usual starting points are:

  • How are you sourcing Data currently ?
  • Are those always standardized ?
  • If not how do you standardize them ?

Data Curation is always tricky as there can be small fissures, or misses, which may look or seem very small, but the impact it creates in the final outcome can be humungous ? Our team of experts starts with doing an initial review of businesses, processes in places, data sourcing metrics, data standards, data consistency, flow control, and other intrinsic to roll out a structure in terms of creating CLEAN Data. Through our expertise with processes such as RPA/OCR we are able to capture and decode data in any form and shape, into a Quariable format by integrating intelligent automation through AI merged with Machine Learning, and ensure digitisation of even manual data into actionable CSVs or reports.

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