Development Practice

Follow ‘Best Practices’ with Complete Embedded Software development life cycle is culture at IOTfyNow.

Whether it is simple light on-off control task running on an 8-bit microcontroller with few Kilobytes of memory or very sophisticated application such as fully automated plant process controls running on a Quad-core processor & Linux platform with lot of memory and data analytics, our highly experienced embedded software development team ensures every aspect of product functionality, user accessibility and product security with thorough brainstorming and implementing efficient coding and logic development practices.

Our Strength

  • We work on variety applications with various microcontroller series chipsets for Data logging, Processing, Data transport, various h/w interface Driver development, Protocol Development, Wireless Connectivity, Edge Processing for ML-AI, etc.
  • OS Porting, Customization, Enhancement
  • Base Operating Systems: uTasker, FreeRTOS, Linux – GCC and Clang C/C++ tool chains
  • Cutting edge industry features. User application hosting, SDK, remote trace and debug, over the air firmware upgrade, firmware life cycle management.
  • Use of MIT/BSD licensed open source proven libraries
  • Device driver and protocol adapter development for growing catalog of sensor peripherals and equipment.
  • Development in modern DevOps based infrastructure for rapid delivery of features and quick turnaround for fixes and patches.
  • Firmware diagnostic and Testing

Applications Experience

Bare metal as well as uTasker, FreeRTOS etc. RTOS based applications

  • Industrial automation applications for field sensor/device data acquisition, processing, controlling and reporting to control room over serial and cellular connectivity
  • High-speed Analog & Digital input data logging, processing for oil-gas application monitoring as well control via Analog Output with data reporting to control room over Ethernet or Cellular connectivity with MODBUS, DNP3, HTTP, UDP, FTP, etc. protocols.
  • Vehicle tracking application with data logging from useful sensor inputs and GPS positioning live data reporting over server software via cellular connectivity.
  • Battery operated wireless IO application for data logging and reporting over cellular connectivity.
  • Water Meter AMR application with low power mode operation & schedule base data transfer over Zigbee.
  • HMI / Touch screen display interface solutions over serial wired connectivity.

Applications development on Linux platform– GCC and Clang C/C++ tool chain

  • Plant process automation with high IO count data monitoring and control applications.
  • Industrial asset monitoring with data edge processing for ML& AI with an alarm event generation.
  • Image/Video data analytics applications for security surveillance, Motion detection etc. with data reporting to cloud server over Ethernet, 4G cellular connectivity.
  • Mobile device connectivity via Bluetooth, WiFi.
  • Gateway device for device Configuration, Provisioning, Protocol Converter, Data Concentrator, etc. networking applications for connected field devices in RF Mesh Network ZigBee/ 6LoWPAN / Sub-GHz, Server/Cloud connectivity over TCP/IP, UDP/IP transport layer and MQTT, HTTPS protocol ensuring security as per SSL/TLS, OpenVPN, etc.
  • QT based GUI solutions

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  • contact@iotfynow.com
  • (781) 512-6210

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