Gandhinagar Smart City


Gandhinagar is the capital of state of Gujarat in India.Gandhinagar had been shortlisted as one of the 100 cities by Ministry of Urban Development for the Smart City challenge.The city authorities always intended to improve the quality and efficiency of services for the three hundred thousand people. Gandhinagar Smart City Corporation Limited came into being in order to provide more benefits and improve the quality of life for the citizens.

Gandhinagar Smart City – Gujarat


Smart City Applications – Wi-Fi access points, CCTV Surveillance Cameras, Motion Based LED Lighting with intelligent dimming strategies, Automatic Number Plate Detection, Speed Detection Camera, Face Detection Camera, IP Based PA System, Digital Signage, Automatic Vehicle Tracking System, Citizen Services and convenience mobile application.

The challenge

Smart City mission was a new concept and the Gandhinagar could not be included in the first two rounds of the Smart City mission. SO they took up the challenge and started working on the Smart city portfolio in order to improve the safety of the people and also make the city smart in a more cost effective way. With this mission, Gandhinagar has outdone some of the major cities which were shortlisted by Ministry of Urban Development under Smart Cities Mission.


The benefits of a Smart City solutions are plenty. Some of the highlights of a Smart City are:-

Enhanced Citizen and government engagement– With the use of Smart city technologies and apps, the citizens are well aware of all the systems and can also take part in decision making in order to make the city a better and healthy place to live in and support the government in the act.

Effective Decision making– With the use of cameras, a city can better manage the assets and make a data drive decision based on the analysis of the reports

Improved Infrastructure– With the use of Smart Lighting and Vehicle tracking, the city can identify the faults in the lighting system and also the number of vehicles entering/exiting a city. Based on the results, a city can take improved decision in order to improve the lighting and other infrastructures based on the volume of traffic.

Some of the benefits using CIMCON’s Smart Lighting solutions are:-

  • Better maintenance and quality as there is no need of patrolling all night due to light failures
  • User friendly Software allows the cities to better monitor, control and manage all the lighting assets in the city

  • Improved public safety as the city identifies the fault and rectifies the issue on a faster basis resulting in less darkness

The Solution

CIMCON  offered LightingGale Software and RF Zigbee  NEMA nodes for Smart Lighting solutions. The Smart Lighting and the software combined improved the city’s decision making process

  • Energy Efficient LED street lighting
  • Motion based Dimming during off peak hours
  • Immediate identification of street light failures
  • Reduced Energy and carbon emission in the city
  • Revenue grade metering which allows precise measurement of energy usage

The LightingGale Software has many features

  • Intelligent Switching for sunset/sunrise based ON/OFF and dimming scheduling
  • Increased lamp life operation with fault interlocks
  • Extensive reporting on performance and energy savings
  • Powerful asset management with complete and accurate inventory control
  • Powerful industry standard based web software with GPS mapping
  • Ease of installation and operation
  • Integration with Integrated Smart City Dashboard

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