Hardware Design & Consulting

Having spent more than three decades into hardware designing and embedded automation systems, IoTfyNow provides quick time to market prototyping and creates a rapid turnaround into production ready systems. With a wide range of experience of having worked on hardware platforms from Qualcomm, Nvidia, Intel, NXP, and other vendors, we are adept at designing:

  • Multicore Processors
  • FPGA based Application & Middleware
  • PCB & Embedded Systems Design
  • Electronic Design Automation
    Our Design Review and Consulting engagements on the hardware side goes through a robust Functional, and Stress Testing cycles. Being an OEM we provide Product Certification and ensure we comply with all statutory compliance guidelines.
  • Sensory Sourcing or Data Enablement
    As a part of our Data Enablement vision, we start with asking what kind of data do we need ? Where we source them from ? How do we harmonise Data ? These are our starting point considerations, in terms of realizing a data driven ecosystem in real time across a wide range of industry segments.

Our area of expertise lie in the arenas of :

  • Sensors & Actuators – To first gather data and then set a value to it either as an ON or OFF, etc.
  • Gateways – To convert and transfer data from the sensors, and transmit them across layers in the IoT Architecture, by means of networking and communication engines such as WiFi, Bluetooth, LAN, LoRA, Zigbee and others. We design industry standard devices based on Platforms such as RasberryPi, Arduino, Intel, and others

Our Gateways development cycle includes:

  • Smart Designing methodologies based on Power, Pricing and Other factorials as defined by our clients
  • Connectivity paradigm ensuring seamless data flow through Bluetooth, Zigbee, LoRa Wan, WiFi, Cellular, 4G or LTE networks
  • Our Gateways come packaged with Standard Cloud Readiness through our expertise in the avenues of AWS and Microsoft Azure platforms
  • We ensure data flow seamlessness through standard protocol techniques including CoAP, LWM2M, HTTP, MQTT, AMQP, UDP, STOMP and others

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  • contact@iotfynow.com
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