Design Expertise

  • Design & Deal with High speed, Analog-Digital mixed signal, RF based, AC/DC/Low power battery operated, Energy efficient hardware design solutions
  • Rugged peripheral interfaces for field devices, i.e. Field Isolations & Protections etc.
  • Multi-layer PCB design and board bring up taking care all EMI/EMC and Impedance matching criteria as applicable.
  • We work with industry leading simulation and design tool sets LT Spice Simulator, TINA simulation, Altium Designer,Cadence OrCAD etc.
  • Product design refers to technology edge proven solutions & components though ensuring cost effectiveness & easy availability of parts. We can utilize our strength to re-design and upgrade if any your existing product facing component obsolesce or availability issues, technological enhancements, cost improvement etc.

Core Inside

  • We have experience integrating various microcontrollers & microprocessors family chipset e.g., 16-bit/32-bit PIC, 32-bit ARM7, 32-bit ARM Cortex M0, 32-bit ARM Cortex M3, 32-bit ARM cortex A9 800 MHz Dual/1GHz Quad core processor etc. based on targeted application need, i.e. processing power, memory, communication channel bandwidth, peripheral options, power consumption etc.
  • We also work with few SoM based on NXP iMX6 series, iMX8 series and Qualcomm snapdragon series processor where high end image/video based ML, AI and Edge Processing capability is key to fulfill end application requirement.

Wired and Wireless Connectivity

  • We support industry standard wired as well as leading edge wireless interface solutions for field devices and network connectivity i.e. RS232, RS485, Ethernet, PoE, USB, HART, Digital and Analog IOs for various field devices, ZigBee, Cellular (4G, 2G, NBIoT), LORA, WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC etc.

For wireless connectivity, our design team validate and chose appropriate interface option based on application requirement taking care communication distance, line of sight,data rate, power consumption etc.

Design For Manufacturability

  • Utmost care we take of ‘Design For Manufacturability’ (DFM) that has lot of impact for any mass volume product on manufacturing cost, time and final integrity.
  • We do offer and have expertise to deal with contract manufacturers where we can ensure efficient manufacturing process flow, smooth testing & validation process, final quality, accurate production data logging and reporting etc. all maintaining data privacy.
  • We design and develop required manufacturing test software as well as configuration tools totest product’s full functionality in terms of all peripheral access, verify logic implemented, load any customer’s default configuration, security key etc. It also involves design and development of appropriate functional test jig topower/connect to product under test over wired or wireless interface.

Certification & Compliance

  • Our experience brings in best design practice that is key to success with various industry standard Certifications & Compliance for Device Safety, Immunity, Radio exposures and Cyber Security saves lot of iteration efforts and cost involved in it.

Contact Us

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  • contact@iotfynow.com
  • (781) 512-6210

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