Healthcare Industry

The complications of Data and also the amount of new data being generated in healthcare sector by means of smart devices, wearables etc., are humongous. In order apply artificial intelligence (AI) to ensure seamless data generation, data collection and data consumption, it is thereby necessary to ensure that the devices or things sourcing data, is in sync with the modeling of data applied to it, for AI to give meaningful outcomes in Healthcare.

Typical areas of adoption, when it comes to Data and AI, are in the areas of:

  • Critical Illness Detection
  • Data Collection, Data Standardisation & Curating the RIGHT DATA for
    generating insights
  • Interoperability of AI systems with EHR and other medical systems
  • Application of Edge Analytics to detect Anomalies
  • Diagnosis based Applications & Critical Treatment Systems
  • Remote Patient Monitoring & Conditional Health & Wellness Applications
  • Smart Apps tapped to Wearables across platforms (Samsung, Apple, etc.) & more

We at IoTFynow have a team of Data SMEs having worked with a varied set of backend and front end systems, having worked on a number of different data types, being well aware of the Healthcare standards like HL7, HIPAA, etc., Gathering data from varied source systems, has been working towards a Data driven Healthcare ecosystem providing a 360 degrees narrative, so that better decision making comes at the tip of your fingers, with trusted and available data that matter.

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