With multiple connectivity options we can offer the solution that can act in parallel as a Protocol Converter/Internal Gateway ‘IoT Gateway’ to fulfill complex networking applications with minimal efforts. It is also useful to upgrade any legacy application for IoT connectivity in plug-and-play manner.


  • Device Configuration, Provisioning, Protocol Conversion, Data concentrator
  • User friendly GUI for local and remote access
  • Device Network Connectivity Options: Serial, DALI, Ethernet PoE, WiFi, ZigBee, 6LoWPAN, HART, LoRA, NBIoT
  • Device Integration Protocol Options: MODBUS, DALI, Thread, BACnet
  • Server/Cloud Connectivity Options: Ethernet, Cellular 4G, WiFi
  • Server/Cloud Connectivity Protocol Options: HTTP, MQTT, WebSocket
  • Scalable
  • Security: SSL/TLS, OpenVPN etc.

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