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Data Sourcing in real time is an important facet in today’s business environment. We live in an era of inter operable systems creating a merger between Humans and Machines. As we derive new economies and business definitions, the epitome of the business relies on Data. So it is important to look at IoT enablement from a Data Standpoint. It is hence important to put together some processes that define a roadmap for creating a data driven ecosystem. As a part of our IoT Data Advisory service, we encompass the various aspects of the data life-cycle and draft a step by step approach towards accentuating data optimally. We typically work on providing a one day free workshop and put together a blueprint detailing about Data Architecture, Hardware Recommendations, Design Methodology, Phased Implementation Plan, Budgetary Planing and as a starting point, a POC or a Pilot avenue to get started.

Architecture Blueprinting – An IoT Architecture revolves around a number of considerations. An ideal IoT Architecture would look like:

Here our major data layers would include: Data Governance Layer, Data Presentation Layer, Data Platform Layer, Data Messaging & Integration, Connectivity, Data Sources and Data Security.

  • Data Governance would include Data Alignments, Data Operators, Resource Management considerations, Risk Mitigations, Performance Management, Value Delivery & Processes
  • Data Presentation Layer would include Visualisations, Maps, Alerts & notification set up
  • Platform Layer would be the one where we can integrate data with Machine Learning, AI, Business Intelligence, Event Handling, Device Management, Provisioning & Activation
  • Messaging & Integration would include Data Collection, Data Handling, Data Aggregation & Data Ingestion
  • Connectivity would encompass Wired, Wireless, 4G, 5G, or LoRa, ZigBee
  • Data Sources would include our prowess with Manufacturing Machineries & Equipments, Healthcare, Smart Meters, Automotive Telemetry, Plant and Smart Factory , Animal Health and Wearables
  • Data Security would include end to end security related to the Devices, Data, Applications, Networks, Access Management Consoles, Conditional Monitoring, Process Automations, Rules, Regulations & Policies

We at IoTfyNow being an OEM, deliver an end to end packaging of hardware an and software, with seamless and secure data interoperability.

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