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Living in the era of 4th Industrial revolution and Connected systems, IoTfynow has been working on a number of Industry4.0 initiatives related to Manufacturing as an industry. We have been leveraging the power of IoT with Edge Computing to enable a number of transformations across the Machinery, Production Line, Assets and Process Automation paradigms with some of the biggest Manufacturing enterprises across the world.

One of the biggest problem that the manufacturing industry face today, especially in the Covid19 era, is whether to innovate or to survive with what they have ? The flip side of this is that, innovation has to happen which hasn’t happened in the past, but at the same time it has to be at the adverse times of today facing the Coronavirus problem.

So what should you do ? To help manufacturers with this, what IoTfyNow has been doing, is to apply an agile model to identify a Starting Point. Taking a step back to analyse what was to happen, and then work backwards towards realigning a strategy to still accommodate digital goals in smaller buckets in these tough times, through a transformational cost optimisation strategy.

We have been working aggressively towards leveraging IoT, Edge and AI, to look at addressing specific gap areas, within Manufacturing Business Processes, in areas like:

  • Asset Maintenance & Service
  • Critical Conditional Monitoring of Machines
  • People Flow Analysis
  • Demand Generation & Better Forecasting
  • Manual to Digital Data Transformation
  • Visibility & Transparency in Supply Chain cycle end to end
  • Work in Progress Automation in the Assembly Line
  • Predictive Modeling for pre-empting failures, disasters and People Safety
  • Field Service Automation
  • New Market Analysis post Covid19 era and much more

We can get our team of Scientists, Researchers, Financial Analysts and our automation transformation heads together to string in strong blueprints, and pave your path for embracing digitisation.

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