Oil & Gas Industry

Oil & Gas being such a vast industry stands functions across a number of critical assets, machinery, processes, and human interoperability’s. Given the nature of the resources, being inflammable, it is also one of the most dangerous. Hence aspects like People Safety, Hazards Prevention, Quality Control are some of the most critical considerations to have from an industry standpoint. Given the huge asset intensiveness a small error can cause not only life risks, but can put the entire plant at risk.

Also from tradition it is also considered to be one of those sectors where the potential of Digital Transformation is huge, but not much seems to have happened in the past. It is only until recent evolution of technology like IoT, Machine Learning, & AI, things seem to have slowly started to take shape. Thus it brings in huge amounts of scope in terms of establishing a Connected, Safe and a Digitally landscaped Oil & Gas transformation.

Some of the areas where IoTfynow has been actively working in the digitisation for the Oil and Gas Sector include:

  • Early Detection of Anomalies, and Defects using Predictive Data Modeling & AI leveraging Computer Vision, IoT/Edge, and Machine Learning
  • Ensuring Safety of Assets & People and formulation of Process Standardisations using Data and Automation
  • Reduction of Corrosion and establishing Planned Maintenance of Assets leveraging Data Science & AI for Asset Optimisation Data-Driven Decision Making prowess through the power of Data and Analytics
  • Establishing Automation for Machine and Human Interoperability by leveraging NLP, RPA and Cognitive Data Churns
  • Reduce carbon emission from oil and gas leveraging Data and AI

We as a team carry the distinction of designing end to end O&G solutions, starting from Hardware Design and going all the way down to establishing automation, as a one-stop Data Innovation Team

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