Smart Cities

The cities of today have evolved, with the evolution of Internet of Things and connected ecosystems. The abundance of data has presented a unique situation to start understanding and visualising the data in the right perspective to drive an autonomous governance based future.

IoTfyNow has been a front runner in the areas of Data Innovation when it comes to driving smart city solutions. Our Lighting solutions ensures that Cities, Counties, Townships, can control the multiple facets of Led Lights, remotely getting real time diagnostics, dashboards, and failure predictions driven through our Edge and AI embedded solutions.

Likewise IoTfyNow has been involved into a number of Smart City initiatives across the variants including:

  • Smart Parking Solutions
  • Smart Infrastructure Solutions
    • Smart & Energy Efficient Buildings
  • Smart Utilities
    • Water Solutions
    • O&G Solutions
    • Renewables
  • Smart Metering
    • Smart Grids
    • Micro Grids
    • Grid Computing
  • Smart Governance
    • Smart Traffic Systems
      • Computer Vision Based Solutions
        • Accident Preventions
        • Human Help & Road Safety

Bringing together our collective efforts of design, development and software integration we are uniquely positioned to present end to end connected systems, which could be solution based, cloud or edge ready.

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